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8 Best IDEs Or Code Editors For Linux

8 Best IDEs Or Code Editors For Linux
Posted : Sat, 14 Jan 2017 19:15:51 - [#1]

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It's fun to code and if you do it well then you can be a good developer. Nowadays people are turning toward programming and they are successfully building great applications. In this post I am going to give Linux users a list of 8 Best IDEs(Integrated Development Environment) or text editors that help developers in programming great applications in Linux quickly and easily.
IDEs are very important when developing any application. It can ease the work by providing tons of handy features. The following list of 8 Best IDEs or text editors include great text editors for developers that provide features like, plugins to have additional functionalities, auto-complete that complete tags, classes and even the snippets of code without having to type it.

Arguably, there are several other IDEs available for Linux but I am mentioning only 8 to make this article short. If you use any other IDE or text editor for your regular development then please let me know in the comment section below. Also don't forget to take poll in the last of this article. In poll you can tell us which one you like the most out of the following 8 IDEs.

8. Bluefish Editor
Let me start with the #10 in my list. It's Bluefish Editor. If you are a web developer then Bluefish editor can be a good choice. It supports many advanced features such as auto-completion of tags, auto-indentation, powerful search & replace, support of integration of external programs such as make, lint, weblint etc.

7. Gaeny
Geany is already available in the default repostiory of most Linux distributions. So you can use package manager to install Geany. The current Geany version is v1.26 but in Ubuntu v1.25 is available. So you can install Geany v1.25 using apt. If you want to install latest version then go and download .tar file and compile the package yourself.

6. Gedit
Gedit is an IDE that comes pre-installed with the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu. So if you're using Ubuntu then you would have also opened documents with Gedit. It is a very simple and small IDE but it can be customized to fit your working environment by installing plugins and configuring existing settings.

Gedit does not provide the easiest way to install plugins (like search engine for searching plugins) but you can download the plugins and then install them manually. It's not a review so I can not mention how tos here. You can search for Gedit plugins in Google and that will give you instructions to install it too.

If you use Kubuntu then you would have used KATE. It's the text editors that comes pre-installed with Kubuntu, popular Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. KATE is a lightweight and fast text editors and it can open multiple files simultaneously. KATE is simple yet powerful IDE. It supports great number of languages and auto-detect the language sets the indentation for document automatically.

4. Eclipse
Now from here the IDEs are even more advanced and robust. Let me start with very popular one, Eclipse. Eclipse is mostly written in JAVA and it is primarily used for developing JAVA applications. But, the language support can be extended by installing plugins.

So with plugins support Eclipse becomes one of the best IDEs to develop programs in C, C++, COBOL, Fortan, Haskell, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, R, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Scheme and many more.

Eclipse SDK(Software Development Kit) is free and open source and it includes Java Development tools for Java developers.

3. Brackets
Brackets is the IDE developed by Adobe developers. It is the IDE for you if you're a web designer. There are several awesome features in Brackets that make it stand out. Brackets supports plugins to extend functionalities and installing plugins is really easy. Just click the third ICON from top right sidebar and it will popup a window showing you popular plugins. You can simply click install to install any plugin and you can also search any specific plugin.

2. Atom
Atom is the IDE developed by Github and it is completely hackable which means you can customize it as you want. It supports large number of programming languages by default like php, javascript, HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, Python, C, C++, Coffeescript, etc. and if you working with a language that is not supported by default in Atom then don't worry you can install plugin.

When you first install and open Atom then it gives you Welcome Guide. The guide gives you the way to explore Atom and getting familiar with it very quickly. Start with opening a project in guide and go through each and everyone. Install Packages i.e. plugins, install themes and customize Styling.

1. Sublime Text
The one that wins the list is obviously, Sublime Text. The lightest of all and feature rich IDE used by professional programmers. Besides all the basic features, Sublime has the most powerful features that let programmers do coding really fast.

Sublime has so many powerful features that require another article to be mentioned in. In this small intro I can only mention some of the its features that will surely drag you toward it. Well, don't worry about code highlighting, auto-indent, auto-completion and all basic features, Sublime has all of them packed.

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Posted : Fri, 11 Aug 2017 19:31:48 - [#2]

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