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Life is Strange Game Guide & Walkthrough

Life is Strange Game Guide & Walkthrough
Posted : Thu, 13 Jul 2017 21:00:27 - [#1]

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Do you want to keep your choice or rewind?Chrysalis is the first episode of the DONTNOD studio’s adventure game, which was made in cooperation with Square Enix. This guide will help you go through the storyline and will focus on the most important issues of the game.

Life is Strange game guide represents a complete collection of all the available episodes. In each one of them you will find a detailed walkthrough, containing explanation of every single important choice that the game puts the player against. As in other adventure games, the choices and decisions you make will have a significant impact on the future events, and the consequences of each one of them were listed in separate chapters for each episode. The guide presents a collection of decisions and the places in which they are made in such a way, so that the player can easily find them. Additionally, the guide contains a list of all the collectibles in the game, such as photographs. The chapter with the photographs contains all the places in which they can be taken, as well as the information needed to reveal some of them.
The French DONTDOD studios, known for the Remember Me game, in association with Square Enix, decided to follow in the footsteps of the Telltale studios, after their extremely successful series of adventure games and created a game telling the story of a high school student, Max, wielding unusual powers. The female protagonist struggles with everyday hardships of high school, when one day she discovers her supernatural powers enabling her to go back in time. You won't always be able to use your time-manipulating powers, meaning that you will have to rely on your own abilities as well. During your adventures, a girl friend named Chloe will accompany you, supporting you in your quest to resolve all the riddles placed in front of you. The way in which you make your choices will have a significant influence on the ending of the game.
Life is Strange was divided into five episodes:
Episode 1 - Chrysalis
Episode 2 - Out of Time
Episode 3 - Chaos Theory
Episode 4 - Dark Room
Episode 5 - Polarized

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Posted : Fri, 11 Aug 2017 19:34:18 - [#2]

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