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Read before post!

Read before post!
Posted : Wed, 20 Apr 2016 18:12:31 - [#1]

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To start posting on the Help Wanted forums, please follow the guide below closely.


Thread Title - The thread title is of course the name of what your post is going to be about. Give basic info about what you need, no real need to make it too long with any game description. Pretty self descriptive, but to go more in depth with it.

Team Name - Try to be creative when making a team name, this might actually attract more people than you think. Partly because it makes you and your team look a lot more professional. Again, keep it short, no need for long and eye-weary names.

Project Name - Here's a big one, the name of your project. This can also be the name of your game or an idea for the name. Again, keep this catchy like your company name and also keep it small.

Brief Description - Here you put a brief overview of the project, including how long it has currently been in production for. It will not only include the details of your project, but also the details about the project (production timeline, goals, etc.).

Target Aim – have a brief description of the target aim of your project.

Compensation - Another reality check here. Let's be honest, how much money would you like to offer?

Technology - Target system, programming language and/or tools, Artist tools, Sound tools. This is the rough idea of what this section should look like. Try to put this in a list by bullets, it looks a lot more professional. Like:
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
- DevC++ 7.0
3D Modeling
- 3DS Max 8
- 2D Art
- Photoshop CS3

Talent Needed - Yet another one of the key components of the posting template is the "Talent Needed" part. This is where you will include what you need. I suggest doing this again in bullet form. It doesn't need to be a paragraph long, just include the people you need specific to job and state what they will be doing and what will be expected of them.

Team Structure - Teamwork is a key part in the game design process. Basically here you will list your team members and what they do. Try not to include usernames of people, this can become annoying and rather hard to understand what to call someone if you join that team and meet them. Name them like such:
Jackson Goldish - 3D Artist and Level Designer
Michael Adams - Game Programmer

Website - This is a great place to advertise how serious you are about your team. If you have a decent website then I will bet you money that you will get more results. Sadly some people don't have the money to afford one -not a problem - even a free-host with a sub-domain is alright for this situation. But remember that having a domain name is a huge plus despite what you might think. Most importantly to having a website is including the html code in your post to link to it. Game designers are smart people, but we can get lazy just like anybody else, so please do us a favor and make a "clicky link" to your website. The code is below:

Contacts - Always have more than one contact posted. In the world of growing technology there are literally millions of way to communicate. So post whatever you have. AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, IRC, email, etc. are all examples of things to list here. Also, if you're posting an email then it is usually very nice to have the mailto link. This is shown below:

Additional Info - This is where you can put the bulk of your work.
Feedback - Not a hard one to understand in the template, basically what type of replies you want. Some types of feedback are listed below:
- None (email only)
- Encouraging (saying "your post looks good, but I can't help, just offering a good review on your post")
- Joining (only post if people are interested in joining)

Newbie, there is nothing wrong with being a beginner, don't be naive about the whole situation. Please don't come in expecting to make an ub3r l33t game right away. And "Game Maker" will probably not get you there. It takes months to years to make a game. Yes, this is true, so don’t expect to finish it in a day or two. Possibly the best way to get into game design as a hobby and/or ultimately a job is to start small. Pick a part of game design that you like, like sound, art, or programming and then learn as much as you can about the topic. Once you have honed your small level skills then you can start on something slightly bigger.

Once you have mastered the basics of your field it would probably be time to jump into the more hardcore game design duties. Try joining a team first, being in a team will not only boost your knowledge, but also prepare you for things to come and help you make better decisions on things you might have failed at in an earlier time.

For those with no particular idea in mind I have just a few pointers. You may post on the Help Wanted forums sure, but there are some things in the template you might need to edit. I would suggest following everything I have written above except that you don't include the "Project Name" and "Additional Info". These are both the ones that you will probably have to take out. There are other things in the template you feel that you will have to take out or add, this is fine. I don't believe that people would mind too much if you modified the guidelines a little for being a "no plan" poster.

For those people interested in working, this will be the easiest of all posts you could make. All you need to include are really proof of work, resume (if you have one, always looks better), links, and a little part about you. These posts can be formatted in any way, but I would suggest the bio/about first, then the resume, then the links and images. Always remember to thank people for viewing your post, too!

Well we've made it to the end, congratulations! Thank you for at least reading this far. Keep in mind a few things:
- The template is very important. Not only will a mod usually remind you to have it, it will also make you look like giving good thought into your post.
- Look professional. Think of this as being a resume. Even though you're not quite professional, you still need to look like one to be considered.
- Don't be naive. I'm sorry to have to break the news to you but if you are on the Help Wanted forums and you don't have a job in the game design industry, then you’re not a professional and probably won't make the next Doom 3 or whatever. So, if you do think that you will you probably need a reality check or just wait for the replies from other users about your post. Being innocent and foolish will not get you any respect.
- Keep it simple. There is no reason to make your post super complicated. Just get the message across.
- Provide plenty of proof to join project. Lack of proof is often the biggest killer and challenge in posting for help.
- Keep in mind all possible views of how your post could be taken. Always think of the possible outcomes for your post.
- Spend some time on it! Don't be lazy, you're going to be spending a year or so on the project, so why be lazy?
- Don't let people get to you. Getting angry will just bring your rating down and your esteem down with it.

We really hope this can help you in your game design posting. Good luck to you and your team for many years of game design to hopefully come!

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Posted : Fri, 11 Aug 2017 19:40:26 - [#2]

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Thanks. :P

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